Captain Sir Stewart Dykes Spicer, 3rd Baronet (1888-1968) was a son of Sir Albert Spicer, 1st Baronet.

Early life and education Edit

Stewart was born to Albert and Jessie in 1888, in West Ham, London. Stewart had 10 other siblings: Albert, MarionBertha, Grace, Janet, LancelotGwendolene, Eva, Olga and Ursula.

Stewart was educated at Clifton; possible Clifton College, Bristol.

Royal Navy Edit

Stewart worked his way up the ranks to become a Captain of the Royal Navy[1], and served as this rank in the Navy during WW1 and WW2.

Personal life Edit

Marriage Edit

Stewart married Margaret Gillespie on the 11th January 1917.

Children Edit

Stewart and Margaret had four children together; Peter, Elizabeth, Janet and Margaret.


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