Gwendolene Elaine Dykes McKinnon Wood (neé Spicer) (1895-1981) was the wife of Ronald McKinnon Wood.

Gwendolene spicer 1916

A photo of Gwen in the Daily Mirror, August 4th 1916, after the announcement of her engagement to Ronald


Early life Edit

Gwen was the eighth child of Albert and Jessie Spicer in 1895 in Paddington, London. She had a total of 10 siblings: Albert, Marion, Bertha, Grace, Stewart, Janet, Lancelot, Eva, Olga and Ursula.

Personal life Edit

Marriage Edit

Gwen married Ronald McKinnon Wood on the 27th March 1918 in London.

Children Edit

Gwen had three children with Ronald: David, Alistair and Eva.

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