Sir Albert Dykes Spicer, 2nd Baronet (1880-1966) was the son of Sir Albert Spicer, 1st Baronet.

Early life and education Edit

Albert was born to Albert and Jessie in 1880, in Warwick. He had 10 other siblings: Marion, Bertha, Grace, Stewart, Janet, Lancelot, Gwendolene, Eva, Olga and Ursula.

At the time of the 1901 census, Albert was studying at University of Oxford as an undergraduate.

Personal life Edit

Marriage Edit

Albert married Alice Frances Mary Morrison on the 27th April 1910 at St Marylebone Church.

Baronage Edit

Albert inherited his father's title upon his death in 1934; his brother, Stewart, would later inherit the same title from his brother after Albert's death in 1966[1].


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